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646f9e108c Voevoda means rebel-leader, commander, guardian. The film tells the story of Roumena, a mother who is forced to abandon her child and home and leads a rebellious band inflicting her own justice in Bulgaria, during the Ottoman Empire yoke. She struggles as a mother as she succeeds as a voevoda, for that Roumena was called a demon, as well as the mountain queen. Based on inspiring real character and the short story "Roumena Voivoda"by Bulgarian classic writer Nikolay Haitov Shot with many non-professional actors and the writer/director and her daughter playing the lead, on distant rural locations and mostly with natural light, the film brings authenticity and realism to the question how cruel people could be to the ones who are different. A woman struggling to make it up to the men's world makes this 19th century tale a contemporary piece.
Voevoda tells the true story of Rumena - a mother forced to leave her child and home and survive in the harsh male world of the 19th century. She leads a band, which imposes its own justice, in conquered by the Ottoman Empire Bulgaria. The film features memories of eyewitnesses and story "Rumena leader" of classic author Nikolay Haytov.
Guys, I created an IMDb account just to review this movie ! I am not sure who are the people calling this movie " Excellent", but this is so unrealistic , that I am having a hard time calling it even decent! In short : dragging , awfully boring, chopped /fragmented story line like an old vinyl that skips through time. Poor acting . Poor directing . It is way too zoomed in, that it is even painful to the eye, especially after 2,5 hours! Barely any dialog and whenever - straight up stupid and shallow. Some moments leave you asking yourself " what is really happening right now"? It is sad that even the characters in the movie do not age proportionally along the storyline. It is insulting to the audience , watching some characters aging overtime and the rest - looking exactly the same like 20 years ago . The camera is zoomed in, the whole time so while looking at some actor's black heads and skin pores , one cannot understand or see what's going on around. " Action " scenes , if those could be called that way at all, are a painful mixture of shaky , zoomed in images , often blurred , accompanied by weird sounds. I will not remember anything of this movie at all, just the price of the eye lubricant I had to buy so I get rid of the eye ache this " shake-ie" gave me! The other two negative reviews are unfortunately true and real and depict what's all this about. I am really sorry to say, but I would not recommend this movie to anyone I like!
I never write reviews, but the 1 star reviews left for this film prompted me to do so (especially since most users that left one created a profile 1-3 weeks ago).<br/><br/>First I will address what most people seems to be unhappy about - 1. the way it is filmed/poor directing; 2. the lack of plot; 3. poor acting/ not enough dialog.<br/><br/>1. Directing - I understand why some people would think this is not well directed - camera sometimes focuses on a detail from the scene, composition is not traditional. Its just not what we are used to. But when something is different it does not mean it is bad. The director was trying to create an atmosphere and she succeeded, at least worked for me. You could say the directing is a bit artsy and not very traditional, but again, not bad. Think Mr.Robot frame composition - you feel like something is off, but it is intentional, it is not bad directing.<br/><br/>2. Plot - this is a character driven film, so don&#39;t expect plot twists, checkpoints, rewards or any kind of traditional narrative at all. We are following the character&#39;s journey and yes, there is no mystery to be solved, there is no miraculous salvation. Rumena was a real person and we know what happened to her. This film will not distract you from your everyday life with a convoluted story involving aliens - it will corner you and make you think (unless you&#39;re too busy looking at your phone).<br/><br/>3. Acting/Dialog - There is very little dialog, which I think is a nod to one of Bulgaria&#39;s classics, Kozijat rog (1972). As far as I remember that movie had less than 100 lines and it didn&#39;t need more. Everything was left to the emotions portrayed non-verbally. This movie is the same in a lot of aspects. The director is probably a fan of the rule &quot;show, don&#39;t tell&quot;. This way you can actually enjoy all the little nuances in the acting, which you would have missed if there was too much blabbering. I really do not understand people that say acting was bad in the movie - to me it was very genuine and raw.<br/><br/>Now that I&#39;ve addressed that, let&#39;s move on.<br/><br/>Something that hasn&#39;t been mentioned yet is that this film is surprisingly funny at times. It has that dry, intelligent humour that needs good comedic timing and a lot of people in the theater were chuckling at times (me included). It was not overwhelming thought, it blended really well with the film and was not distracting.<br/><br/>Of course I don&#39;t think this movie is perfect, sometimes it is too artsy in directing and camera work and this can be distracting. Music choices were not always the best (music was still beautiful overall), there was some repetition, probably related to budget restrictions but I LOVED the singing scenes. <br/><br/>Lastly, saying this as a woman, I felt that the movie focused a little too much on &quot;Men hurt women&quot;. I truly believe that society as a whole is responsible for the sufferings of marginalized groups, not men in particular (or any other privileged group). There are plenty of women that actually are supporting some very bad practices and stereotyping in a way that hurts both men and women (yes, the patriarchy). To keep this short, the key is in balance, not &quot;Women are better but men are in their way&quot;. <br/><br/>Overall I really recommend this movie if you like a good drama/biopic/historical drama. If you are a Fast and Furious kind of person, well, there&#39;s plenty for you on the market.

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